Sports Drink Manufacturer

The Most Reliable Sports Drink Manufacturer in Spain.

The most reliable sports drink manufacturer in all of Barcelona, Spain is Kers Cool Drinks, otherwise known as KCDrinks. KCDrinks is the development team behind the Kers Fast Energy Drink that has been sweeping through Europe before heading across the seas into North America. KCDrinks has been in business for over 20 years and with their experience, they've managed to improve upon some important concepts.


What makes KCDrinks the best sports drink manufacturer in town? Well, KCDrinks focuses on accountability and traceability throughout their manufacturing process. From the acquisition of raw materials to their final delivery to retailers, KCDrinks is heavily involved in the process. Ensuring that manufacturing agreements are set in place and honored via electronic monitoring has made KCDrinks pioneers of their industry. The energy drink industry is overcrowded, but don't let a good beverage get lost in the shuffle. Before your next game, consider grabbing a can of KRS Energy Drink!