1 - During the day (or at night, according to our activity and schedules) we are in constant movement.

2 - The best way to avoid feeling thirsty (alarm!) Is to drink water at different times.

3 - Practice daily physical exercise, walking, sports, etc., ("move a little, ok ?!) In addition to maintaining a healthy and balanced diet in food is essential, as it is in the drinks we consume during the day.

4 - We need to hydrate with different options in drinks that will also help us in our state of mind.

5 - Here are some recommendations for drinks to take during the day that help you stay awake, relaxed or hydrated according to each moment you need.

Our krs energy dirnk product is made with natural mineral water and balanced energy ingredients, caffeine, B-group vitamins, carbohydrates, ...

In addition to excellent taste preferred by consumers, lightly carbonated and without artificial preservatives. It is a pasteurized product.

High caffeine content:

Not recommended for children, pregnant women or breastfeeding.

Consume moderately.

It is a drink to keep you awake or for moments you need maximum attention.